Dos and Dont’s

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I have a deepening impression that our obedience and disobedience to God are the result of whether or not we believe that God is reliably loving and kind.

Most recently, this impression was strengthened as I contemplated Stephen’s sermon in Acts 7. As I see it, he’s recounting a history of Israel rejecting God’s promises and provisions.

I also think of the Sabbath. God tells Israel that they can take it easy on the seventh day, and seventh year and in the jubilee year. He will provide! Keeping the sabbath was first and foremost a matter of believing God’s amazing promise and provision. But almost immediately, Israel turned the delightful provision into a duty.* 

Just now, I looked back at Genesis chapter 1. God’s first action toward man is to bless and give.

GOD IS GOOD, but large swaths of Christianity concentrate more on dos and don’ts than on God’s goodness.

*[I must confess that I understand how that could happen when the first thing out of the gate was a disobedient Israelite getting killed for picking up sticks on the Sabbath…. I’m trusting God will enable me to understand this some day]


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