About Brad Hepp and This Site

Who is Brad Hepp?

Here is a thumbnail sketch:

  • I was born in Mexico, where my parents were missionaries. There we had a great view of tall mountains on every side.
  • A perfectionist from youth, I hid a ruler at my desk to help me form letters in first grade.
  • Lousy at drawing, but wanting to express my vision, I latched on to photography.
  • In college, I majored in English and minored in French, Spanish, and History. In seminary, I studied biblical languages in preparation to be a Bible translator.
  • Having finished seminary, and halfway through an MA in Linguistics, I was hooked on AV production and graphics. I embraced the reality that this was my strongest interest.

About the Background Image

This is Mount Eva (13,130′), which sits at the head of the narrow valley where my client The Invincible Lodge is located.

This Site

“A digital commonplace book” — the tagline of this blog — alludes to a concept Nicholas Carr writes about in his book “The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains.”

Since long before the Internet began rotting my brain (thanks, Mr. Carr), I have jotted down notes on little loose scraps of paper. Who hasn’t? Why not jot those notes down in a digital notepad? And since I build and maintain websites (see www.jbhcommunications.com), why not store those notes in my own website? You never know when borrowed space (Facebook, Evernote, etc.) will disappear!