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I sit on a rock on the bank of the stream, by the light of the moon methodically washing my midnight snack.

I’m thinking back to an earlier time, when darkness fell on the farmer’s shack….

Seated on a well-worn balustrade, I watched the farmer through slits in a dusty window shade. He sat on a chair at the kitchen table. By light of a lantern, he methodically penned. Poetry, I suppose.

With far less writing than scratching of head, he’d occasionally put pencil to paper and thoughtful compose.

Finally, he set down his pencil, snuffed out the lantern, and waddled to bed.

My careful ablutions are now complete.

It’s “Good night” to you, and to me, a pensive “Bon appétit.”

— Brad Hepp, 8/9/2023

(image adapted from original by Wolfgang Deckers on Pixabay)

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