A young friend recently introduced me to a smartphone app that has revolutionized my prayer life. It is PrayerMate, which is available for both Android phones and iPhones. The app has helped me to create lists of people and “things” I want to pray for. As time passes, I’m adding various new lists, and the lists are not just for people, but for areas of growth in my life. I even have a list I call “Difficult,” because it lists people for whom I’d frankly rather not pray; you might call them “enemies.” When I sit down to pray, and the app brings up names on the “Difficult” list, I wince and do my best to pray in obedience to Jesus’ command.

A Paper Version

I realize some people don’t use smartphones, or they’re simply too distracted by phones to be using them in conjunction with prayer! For you, I have prepared a printable PDF. On the PDF’s second page, it has some helpful starters for people in my church. I’ll try to keep it up-to-date for that purpose. Click on the image below to get a PDF that you can print out and use in place of apps like PrayerMate:

The New Testament Marys and the Anointings

I have long been confused about the various Marys in the New Testament. There are quite a few. Some are more prominent than others. But their prominence doesn’t keep me from getting confused about which one was which. One complication is the anointings. There are two or three stories about women who anointed Jesus. Which Mary(s) did that anointing? The following study (click the graphic) is my attempt to clear up these stories. [Note: it opens as a PDF whose first page is black].

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