Ding Dong Lunatics

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Once, long ago a hospital chaplain told me that the hospital is extra busy when there’s a full moon. I believe it. That’s why I looked up the moon phase when I wrote this poem. I was seriously thinking that maybe there was a full moon out there. But there wasn’t. So that’s not it!

Here’s a confession. That first line–My brain’s on patrol–is a clue that the real problem is in my mind. I went to work today dreading the return of a difficult patron. I’ll spare you the details so as to keep my job. Don’t worry…. I maintained my professionalism… on the outside.

It’s a good thing that Monday is a federal holiday, and that I work at a place that observes all holidays….

#learningpatience #dingdongs #lunacy #waxingcrescent #waxingpoetic

(background image by Robert Karkowski on Pixabay)

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