Refusing Glory

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Recently, I have been thinking about what it means to seek glory.* I frankly haven’t made much progress other than beginning to shed some presuppositions. I suspect that God has far better plans for us than we think possible or even appropriate. If my suspicions are right, this would affect not only how we see ourselves, but also how we see others.

And now, a confession…. This poem is my complaint directed at some imaginary critic of my thinking, some person who is more faithful to their systematic theology and sense of propriety than they are to what God may or may not have meant when he communicated with us via Scripture.

*see Romans 2:7, 10, 29

(background adapted from a photograph by Brent Hammond on Pixabay)

#psalm8 #hebrews2 #alittlelowerthanangels #ephesians3v20 #romans2v7
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