An Easy Chair of Boxes

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Let’s see if I can explain it as well as I did to my wife….

I’m aware of a tendency to arrange the facts as I perceive them in a self-serving way. This is dangerous when it comes to Bible interpretation. It leads to distortions. For example, consider how a white, slave-holding Christian(?) man in the antebellum South interpreted Scripture. Naturally, he interpreted Scripture in a way that justified his evil ways. We are constantly in danger of doing the same thing, not about slavery, but in other ways where we elevate ourselves at others’ expense.

So, whenever my Bible interpretation has me smelling like a rose—or sitting pretty in an easy chair—I ask if I may be arranging the boxes to my own advantage. That’s the theory; God make it fully so!


(background image by “falco” on Pixabay)

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    1. Dorothy, I don’t know what the personal nudge might have been, but I’m thankful that our friendship has been yielding fruit for many decades now!

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