Nap With a Grizzly

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Last night, I took my first ever nap with a grizzly bear. How it all got started was fuzzy, as such things often are. Anyway, there I was, lying on my side with my head pillowed on the grizzly’s massive chest. My nose and eyes were within inches of the grizzly’s maw.

The grizzly seemed to be more interested in sleep than in this defenseless human delicacy. But I wasn’t taking chances. My only other experience with clawed monsters involves kittens. I know from them to not make any sudden movements. So I limited myself to the slow rise and fall of my chest. In fact, I tried to coordinate my breathing with the grizzly’s, hoping that would pacify the beast.

“So what happened next?” you ask. Remarkably, nothing! I survived without a scratch and am here to tell this tale.

Oh, one more thing…. You’re probably wondering, “What does a grizzly’s fur feel like?” You’d think it’s coarse and bristly, right? Not at all. I can tell you, it’s as soft and smooth as a silk pillowcase!

(background image by Daniel Alonso on Pixabay)

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