A Crude Comparison

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Inspiration comes at many times, and in many ways.

Back before I got the job at the library, I told one of my friends that what I really wanted was to get a job walking around White Rock Lake picking up trash. She probably thought I was joking. But I told her that partly in grief. Several years of free-lance work had given me the freedom to walk many miles every day. It was a time of tremendous growth, as I was able to listen through the Bible repeatedly, along with other books.

So, I got the job at the library. I thoroughly enjoy helping patrons, and God is using it to grow me in new ways. But every day, one of my favorite things is to walk around the library property picking up trash. Believe it or not!

#atonement #communityservice #hewhoknewnosin #2corinthians5v21 #romans5v8

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