Fear of Moment’s Notice

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Every time I post something like this, the algorithms pick it up and start feeding me articles and ads about “early signs of dementia.” WELL, THAT AIN’T IT!

A thoughtful friend consoled me: “Brad, while you can’t quote what you’ve learned, you DO work it into your thinking.”

AM I thinking? AM I honoring God with the mind He gave me?

AM I doing what I CAN do instead of wallowing in self-pity about what I cannot do?

Is there a chance I’ll find my limitations present a smooth and uncluttered path of progress?

Writing good poetry is a matter of making NEW connections, thinking afresh. Perhaps the thorn in my brain—my limited access to all I’ve learned—is a path to walk on, not a path to fear and avoid. As the clever preachers say, “Hmmm.”

(background image by Simon Mettler in Pixabay)

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