Lovely Spiritual Maturity

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Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of interacting with several young men* who were/are students at Dallas Seminary. They have restored much of the enthusiasm for that institution that I lost back when I was a student there long ago. What has changed? Well for one thing, DTS instituted a mandatory spiritual formation program, including spiritual formation groups (that’s important). SF can probably be abused, but it can also be a boon to a man or woman’s spiritual growth.

Here’s one indicator: their readiness to pray for others. Twice in the last three months, I have had to do announcements in our church service. That should be a piece of cake for an Elder like me, but my public speaking is infrequent, and there’s always the danger that my brain will freeze up from stage fright. So, I have asked the young DTS student who was filling in for me up in the soundbooth to pray. On both occasions, Cameron has said, “Let me pray now.” Here’s a young man, praying for his Elder, unashamed, confident, and effective. How could I not love him, and the seminary that is preparing him for a lifetime of such service?

— Brad Hepp, March 26, 2023

*what I write here is undoubtedly true of young women at DTS as well.

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