The Grid: One Man’s Systematic Approach to the Bible

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There was a young man whose love for God’s Word was exceeded only by his love for organizing things.

Joining love to love, the young man asked, “How can I organize God’s Word?”

He set about finding a way. Soon he had it: he’d build a perfect grid of fine steel wires to lay on top of his open Bible. Off to the side, he’d place a large battery, with the positive post attached to his grid and the negative post attached to his Bible.

At first, nothing happened. The wires were so slender that he hardly noticed them. They did not impede his reading in any way.

Then one day, he began to see it… words were being pulled off the page and onto his grid. How exciting!

Years passed. The grid kept doing its job. The battery was strong, and rarely needed charging.

Soon, whole paragraphs left the page and adhered to the perfectly-aligned wires of his grid. The wires grew thicker and thicker with their beautifully organized words.

Then at last came the day when his grid had completed its work. The once slender wires now had a thick coating of words, so thick he could not see past them. Was this a problem? Of course not! Pages below were practically useless now—blank, save for a few words that refused to be organized.

— Brad Hepp, 2/21/2023

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