Weirdest Dream of the New Year

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Last night, in my dream, Bill Hader (the comedian) was my college professor. After class, I was talking with him about the increasing trouble I have with hearing. But that was a difficult conversation. In the dream, Bill Hader had a severe speech impediment.

Here are ingredients for this dream: 1) the previous evening was spent with a real-life professor; 2) growing frustration over my hearing loss; and 3) a slight anxiety after my professor friend demonstrated how artificial intelligence (an app on his phone–ChatGPT) could produce a respectable poem in seconds.

Okay, geniuses, why did Bill Hader have a speech impediment in my dream?

— Brad Hepp, January 1, 2023

This post surprisingly generated a lot of interest (people were off for New Years, duh!). Here’s an addition of my own:

I just asked ChatGPT to “Produce a poem about children in the style of ee cummings.” I’d say the “style of ee cummings” part was totally ignored by ChatGPT, but I know a lot of people would be happy to trot out the poem it produced in 5 seconds (I personally despise it):

Children, oh how sweet and innocent
Their laughter, a joy that is never spent
Their curious minds, always seeking to learn
Their hearts, open and free, never to be burned

Oh the joy that children bring
Their energy, like a never-ending spring
They dance and sing, with not a care in the world
Their joy, a flag unfurled

They are the future, our hope and our light
May their laughter and love never take flight
Oh children, let us cherish and hold dear
For you are the ones who bring joy and cheer



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