Midnight Plumbing

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Word to the wise: Don’t take Claritin-D shortly before going to bed, especially when you really need to sleep. Your sinuses will be clear, but you’ll just lie there with racing thoughts. The “D” in Claritin-D apparently stands for doggerel.

On the night I wrote this poem, I messed up, and took the wrong medication. As a result, I was wide awake, and I started doing something I often do when I first wake up in the morning: in my head I was taking words and arranging them in various orders, looking for an arrangement that pleased me. In the end, the only way I could get this out of my head was to get out of bed and write down the results. It’s not a great poem, but at least I DID get to sleep after writing it.

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  1. I didn’t know what PVC stood for so I Googled it. I learned something! It stands for polyvinyl chloride. That was informative, but I knew little more. However, I put 2 and 2 together and plumbing pipe fittings stuck together with polyvinyl chloride! : )

    1. Abby, you probably know more about PVC now than I do. I simply use it as shorthand for PVC pipes. People use PVC pipes extensively for plumbing these days. They also use it for fun projects. When Jonathan was very young, I created a shade for the running stroller using PVC pipe and a sheet of foamcore. I’ll never forget meeting a couple of ladies on the running path. As they receded in the distance, I could hear one of them exclaiming to the other, “That was PVC pipe!” I don’t know if she was impressed or dismayed.

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