Ephesians 1:1 in Modern Hebrew

Composing Before You Decompose

My friend Marco Ciavolino wrote, “Keep composing before you decompose. This is a hidden talent. I love your short song!”

I told him, “Thanks. It’s VERY hidden indeed. Long ago, five-year-old Bradley walked around the house constantly singing made-up arias in made-up Italian. They flowed effortlessly. And then the stream went underground. Seriously‚Ķ I’m so glad we have Eternity!”

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    1. Thanks, Dorothy. It seems like an odd verse to put to song, but in that one verse, Paul reminds us of God’s good will, of the fact that Jesus is the Messiah (twice!), and that we are made right with God as we abide in Him wheverever we may live. And more….

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