Music: Beauty’s Channeling


Every day, when I lie down for a nap, I listen to beautiful music and try always to think of where beauty was born. This may sound silly to some, but I’m trying to put myself in a place where I can better appreciate beauty. So — brace yourself — I picture myself sitting on the edge of a cliff, looking out over a beautiful creation. The creator himself is sitting next to me. I am listening with him. That’s how I fall asleep.

After several weeks of doing what I just described, I was sitting one evening listening to beautiful music. Suddenly, I had a different perspective: the music struck me as a capturing of the beauties of sound, not their mere production. So I thought of an orchestra:

The strings “pluck it from the air.”

Percussion releases it from drums in all its vigorous exclamations.

Brass and woodwinds kiss it with their lips.

Strings express the tension of pent up beauty with their bows.

And then, the point: God can’t help but express (voice) beauty, and loves to share it with us, his creatures.

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