Thankful for Special Friends

This morning, we had the vet put down our old cat, Princess. The last few days have been painful for us, as we knew this was coming. It was especially painful for Joshua.

Yesterday, when I picked him up from work, he was holding a bouquet of flowers that his girlfriend had brought him. Later that same afternoon, her parents had dropped by his work to express their sympathy as well. I can hardly contain myself even now, when I think of the kind of love that Joshua expresses to others, and which they express to him in return. My words on the image describe a virtuous cycle.

Here’s what I wrote on Facebook: I’m thankful for special friends along the way. [EDIT: I was knee-deep in poetry when I wrote that. In plain words, “Those who are unusually good at showing love tend to have friends who love them back in equal measure.” Photo bomb is by Rascal, who has a lot to learn in this regard.]

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